Savasana in Bali

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I will admit that I’m not against putting chemicals onto or into my skin. I have no problem with the idea of chemical peels, Botox, even full on facial surgery – but until I need it, I try to keep it natural. My cousin (who looks like Gisele) recently sent me the Earth tu Face skin stick, an all-purpose skin salve for face, lips & body.

“Earth tu Face began with two herbalists, a garden, and focus on creating a purely plant-based 100% natural skincare line, free of toxins or synthetic compounds.” Besides that sentence from, the first thing I liked about this stick was the scent. Gentle notes of Geranium and Vetiver took me back to a recent rejuvenation in Bali where I ate only vegan and did yoga three times a day. As yoga class came to a close the instructor would place her soft hands over my eyes and forehead, calming my invigorated mind with a trace of the sweet flower oil she had previously rolled over her strong wrists. This stick is Savasana in Bali.

It’s not just the smell that hooked me. Geranium prevents and fades scarring, Vetiver promotes cellular healing, and the pure beeswax heals and protects the skin. I wear this hydrating recipe mostly as a lip balm (added bonus that my lips are right under my nose), but I also use it for dry cuticles, elbows and my consistently thirsty hands. The Skin Stick ($34) is not Earth tu Face’s only product; they have many more healing and restoring skincare at


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