A Writer’s Sanctuary Across the Pond

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Romance seeps from the English Countryside. I imagined foggy morning walks down tree covered dirt roads, a trickling stream outside my window as the cool morning breeze wakes me from sleep, and cozy evenings spent reading in front of a bright fire. And, that is exactly what the Cotswolds gave me.

Last fall my man’s latest flick took us to London. We had 5 days to kill between London and a trip to Doha, Qatar – so a little research and some welcomed guidance took us to the Cotswolds. Just two hours northwest of London lays a fantasy world for writers. Inspiration under every rock, and raining down on you from perpetually grey skies. I would suggest a week in this quaint countryside to absolutely everyone.

You truly feel alone out there, not lonely – but peacefully lonesome. It’s quiet. It’s chilly. Each street is roofed by trees, each hill rolls down toward a stream. There are horses running through the fields and birds singing you out of slumber. All day I baked and discovered new recipes, and he wrote by the fire. It’s truly another world, a sweeter world.

When you start planning your trip – have Manor Cottages assist you. If they don’t have what you want, they will find an even better replacement. They are kind, helpful, and so grateful to their patrons. If you’re a small party, I’d suggest the Lower Barn Cottage in Winson (http://www.manorcottages.co.uk/properties/LOBARN)– that’s “our cottage”. It is a cozy two bedroom, two bathroom barn-turned-cottage with a large kitchen and an inviting living room.

There are plenty of significant historical spots in nearby towns, but you don’t have to venture far. In fact, I think you will feel the history of the Cotswolds simply through experiencing the quiet lifestyle and by venturing out for a few rain walks in your wellies.


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