Clare Vivier Has Great Taste

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There is great beauty in simplicity, and great value in quality. This is Clare Vivier’s line of handbags and clutches. The elegance of her French heritage melds harmoniously with a modern life in Los Angeles, producing a collection with classic lines but confident details.

A basic square tote in electric blue suede for just $315. A flat rectangular clutch dramatically escalated in size is only $191. A small black leather duffel with an eye catching red and gold zipper is under $500. Every piece is something that can be passed through generations and still retain its integrity.

Last summer I spotted a red, white and blue zip clutch in a magazine on a flight to Zurich, it was by Clare Vivier and I was smitten. Naturally, the buzz has caught fire and Vivier’s handbags are getting a little too well known for my taste – but that won’t stop me. Why? Because as of today, her prices are still low and her products are all still made locally, here in Los Angeles. And, of course, they’re still beautiful and well made. Check out the collection at, and don’t forget to have your bag monogrammed.


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