Kronenhalle “The Ladykiller”

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Let me set your mind before I introduce you to this bar: You are approached by a tall, handsome man. He is refined. A few years older than you, wearing an Italian suit. He looks deep into your eyes and speaks softly, low and slow. The corners of his lips barely lift as he lends you a faint smile. You blink slowly, then melt. He asks you for a dance but the choice is not yours. You take his gentle hand and follow his lead…

This is Kronenhalle.

As you enter this Zurich institution, you immediately trust it. From the opulent design to the white-coat-clad bartenders, Kronenhalle is meticulous. It is elegance. The walls are split; from the bottom emerald green upholstered saffian leather, and from the top, angled mahogany slats take your eye from corner to corner. Perfect woodwork barely exists today, but the watering hole is not from this century.

Kronenhalle opened in 1862; it was and still is frequented by the world’s most beloved artists. Culture leaks from the tap here, thanks to Miró and Picasso, Tinguely and Klee. Their artwork adorns the walls, but these paintings are not purchases made by Kronenhalle’s owners. They are the timeworn payments of overdue tabs from artists’ blurry nights at the bar.

A city rich in artists, Kronenhalle remains a muse waiting to be commissioned. And, as irony has it, The Ladykiller is Kronenhalle’s most famous drink. Take my advice and drink with caution, or you may fall hard. Find out more at or visit Rämistrasse 4, CH-8001 Zürich.


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