The Scent of Summer

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Once you have the beach, cottage and flights locked in – the first thing that a summer vacation calls for is (well, probably a new bikini, but also…) a summer lotion. The right lotion will fight off the aging effects of sun and air conditioning, leave you soft to the touch, and have you smelling like warm weather.

If you’ve ever wondered what I smell like during the summer months, head to your favorite cosmetics counter and lather up with Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion*. The light aroma of peach milk and orange blossom blanket your body as shea and candlenut oil lend lasting moisture on the driest days. My body has never felt so loved, and my nostrils have never been so pleased. The only issue with this perfect product from Clarins is that they haven’t bottled the scent!

Pick up your supply of this lovely lotion ($40) at or

*Even if you do not wonder what I smell like during summer, you should still try this lotion.


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